cat# ctr-ab
"sketch #1 "

1. My Blue Plane
2. Color
3. Room

though the title suggests ruff & unfinished ideas, nothing could be farther from the truth. the trio of oto create complicated tones and textures with real life instruments. computers? they are for losers! this EP would best be enjoyed on a late summer evening, sitting by a river. alone, or with friends.



single songs (.mp3 128 kbps)
1. My Blue Plane
2. Color
3. Room

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whole EP (.zip)
sketch #1 (mp3 128 kbps)
sketch #1 (m4a/acc 192 kbps)

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written, recorded, mixed, & masterd by:

oto is:
hirotaka makino (guitar, computer)
bunichi oshiro (guitar, percussion)
takeshi udo (keyboard, vocals)

p + c oto 2006

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